vote for randy for ESPY award

randy couture and rampage are both nominated by ESPN for the espy award for best fighter, going against fighters like floyd mayweather. It would awesome for a ufc fighter to win this award on national tv.

Out of those 5 nominees, Couture is least deserving to be called fighter of the year.

Explain your ridiculous comment RKing85...

How exactly do you vote for such a thing?

BTW, Randy all the way.

Explain myself? Why? All one needs to do is go to the EPSY site and look at each nominees accomplishments to see why Couture's 5th best out of the nominees.

Miguel Cotto is an undefeated fighter who won three fights this year, and he won them all by finishing his opponent. Won the WBA Welterweight Title and beat respected opposition in Urkal and Judah.

Quinton Jackson is also 3-0 in the pass 12 months with wins over Lindland (arguably the top MW in the world) and Liddell, who is arguably the most dominating champion in UFC history.

Floyd Mayweather went 2-0 in the past 12 months, including a victory over De La Hoya in the biggest money making fight in Boxing history.

Manny Pacquiao went 3-0 in the past 12 months all againzt respected oppoistion and 2 of those wins were by KO.

So how can Randy Couture be compared to them in the past year? He fought once, against a guy who most people didn't have ranked top 5 and is not one of the top HW champs of all time. And while he did dominate him, he didn't finish him.

No way in hell anyone can logically give fighter of the year to Couture.

BTW roymytechsource, if we're giving fighter of the year to the person with the most vocal fans who pack an arena and cheer loudly for a fighter, then we give the award to Joe Calzaghe who certainly brought down the house of 35,000 in Cardiff in his fight against Peter Manfredo over any Couture bout.

go to and follow the links to vote.

I voted Cotto. Ranking those five in order:

Cotto, Jackson, Pacquiao, Mayweather, and then Couture.


RKing85 good luck with your trolling. The more attention you bring this the more UGers will see it and the more will end up voting for Randy. I have to give you props if that's what you're actually hoping for though :)


Everyone who wants the best for MMA should vote for Randy because Randy has the best shot at winning. Vote for Randy even if you're a Rampage fan. If Randy wins, the future will be paved for fighters like Rampage, Fedor, Silva, etc, who at this point aren't even on the national radar. Randy will receive some 'mainstream' support but he really needs the backing of the entire MMA community

Nice counter argument :)

I could care less if Randy wins or not. I know he wasn't fighter of the year and that's good enough for me. I know there will be people who will vote for Randy event though they know he wasn't fighter of the year.

I voted for Pacquiao. He basically ended Morales's career and has become (IMO) the #1 P4P fighter in boxing. Undoubtedly, it's either Pacquiao or Mayweather, there are no other options. And while Mayweather has fought mostly soft opposition (DLH was his first elite opponent since Castillo back in 2002), Pacquiao keeps fighting the best.

Cotto will probably be fighter of the year someday, but his biggest win is over Judah. Doesn't match up to Pacquiao's list of victims, or Mayweather's win over DLH.

I'd rank them:

Pacquiao, Rampage, Mayweather, Cotto, Couture

Thanks RKing85. Just to clarify I'm a big fan of all the fighters nominated (even Floyd lol). But rather than nitpick the actual gravity of each nominees fights over the past year I see this vote as something much more important on a macro level, and I see it's ability to encourage the acceptance of MMA. We all talk about MMA in Masidon Square Garden and rule changes like knees to the head on the ground.... Randy winning an ESPY would certainly be one of the little things that will help make that reality.

Everyone who is a MMA fan should suck up the fine print, and vote for what would best for the sport regardless

we need to take into consideration that the category is "fighter" of year... not boxer of the year

^ that too ;)

Get out and vote on this. ttt

Don't forget to vote for BEN ASKREN for the best collegiate athlete.