Vote: Open hands for street boxing

Should you punch with an open palm hand or a closed fist on the street?

I train some boxing at my gym and I don't really intend to get in a street fight, but if a student of mine asked me which one they should use, how should I answer?


"open palm if u want to get beat down."

I agree... Harder impact. How many guys do you see in the UFC or Pride using palm strikes? The street is no different in that respect. They do that in Pancrase, because of the rule.
I'm not saying never use open palm striks. And I'm not saying they can't be effective. In most cases,its better to hit with your knuckles.

I have never used an open hand other than to PUSH or PULL. Strike with a close fist and/or elbows.

Personally I'd say open palm only if you're worried about breaking your hand. Open palm can deliver a hard blow but it doesn't have the hard knuckle underneath. You can hit with the same power but lack the ability cause serious damgage because the impact is not as focused, its spread out. As for UFC and Pride... well they wear gloves to protect their hands so there is no need to worry as much about breaking your hand. Sure it still happens but that was the main purpose for the glove.

Closed fist all the way. I've only seen one person break their hand in a streetfight and that was because he punched the guy on the top of the head as the guy was ducking.

I use open palms to the head, and closed fists to the body. If anyone had a REAL street fight...a closed fist punch to the head can break your hand.

definitely a split decision, so far ;)

Well, I'm not the boxing instructor at my gym. I just teach it whenever our main standup coach is buisy. In the gym it's always closed fists with gloves on.

I guess by "open palm" strikes you mean striking with the very heal of the hand with the weight/force of the arm bone behind it rather than "slaps" as referred to a couple of times here - seen it demo'ed and tried it on pads and it's something to keep in mind but if you do ever try it and mis-time it you won't need to worry about damaging your hand cos your wrist will be totally cattled - my advice (as always): elbows...!!! :-)


it isn't's more of a palm strike...come on. Palm strikes do just as much damage. Watch old Pancrase videos with Bas knocking people out with palm strikes. If breaking your hand isn't your concern then it's safe to say YOU DIEGO never had a streetfight before.

anotherbrother has palmstruck the correct....


thanks, all I am saying is...if you ever punched a guy in the head, the jaw, the nose...IT HURTS. I have broken my fingers plenty of times. Actually, GunFighter is correct, now that I train, I think I would use elbows more. I never thought about knees before I trained, but now, the knees are preferred over a closed fist.

Palm strikes have thier problems. Shorter range and they don't eliminate injury. unless you hit with heel of your palm you can pass a target and catch fingers or thumb,doing damage to yourself. The only palm strike I really favor is in tight a little like Tank/Nelmark KO. Short and hook like.

If your standing up in a boxing type posture, throwing towards the persons face, absolutely closed fist, the persons head will move away on impact, so there's less risk of breaking your hand, it will generate much more impact, and it feels more natural.

One the ground, where you might be landing punches to the top or back of the head, there might be room for palm strikes. However, elbows and knees will generate much more force, and are safe from breaking.

Geoff Thompson and Pete Consterdine discuss the advantages of "power slaps" in some of their writings. They are as legit SD instructors as you will ever get. Bound to be something on the net about it

I would think when hitting to the back of the head on the ground the palm strike would be a little better. However, using elbows would be the preferred choice to me. I have seen a few broken hands but I think tha is from keeping a loose fist at impact. IMO

It may sound too "TMA" to some of you but here's my input.

Yes, palm strikes work from lots of different angles and with the addition of fingers to the eyes they're very effective.

another option is hammer fists. Making a fist and hitting with the closed ridge of your fist is very effective and relatively safe.

Both of these are definitely safer for your hand than a straignt right to someone's forehead although I think they all(including standard boxing) have thier place depending on the size of the opponent, range, target, etc...

Diego is right. Fists = maximum amount of damage to opponent in shortest amount of time.

A nice chin jab can fuck your world up.