Votes on worst Pride

Listen I'm Pride biggest fan but I must say this was worst card ever. Place your votes

Pride 9

Pride 1 (Kimo-Severn)

Honestly, Pride 1 blew.

Last year alone airspeed they had 3 of the best mma shows, nice troll post.

Yes a few shows are jokes, but overal I think most agree they have great show and disagree with that.

The last Pride was a joke but the Grand Prix was the best event eva

last week was pretty bad...

atleast pride 1 we got to see Rickson

I don't care what anyone says--the last PRIDE was a solid contender for this title. I'm sure there are a few other really crap ones but that PRIDE on Sunday was a f*&^ing joke, it totally blew and had MAYBE 1-2 DECENT fights

Pride 5 was terrible. The best fight was the demonstration with Rickson and Royler.