Vovchanchyn vs Rizzo who wins?

Would be an awesome fight to see in PRIDE. I have met Pedro before and he looked like he could be a 205 fighter which would be a nice weight to see this match at.

Nice bonus would be the winner gets a match with Silva.

Agree that he is one of top HW's. A match against Vov would be sweet. Seeing either one of them against Silva would also be nice.

Rizzo isn't going to make 205 anytime soon - he's got a big frame, and even when he's in top shape he's not the leanest fighter around.

That said - I'd love to see him fight Igor! That would be an absolute war, I don't see this one going to the ground much, if at all.

I think Rizzo/Cro-cop is a better match up.....I think Volvchanchyn would have problems with Rizzo because of his short frame.

I think Volvchanchyn's move to 205 will benefit him well.....and leaves opening's for some great fight's.

I'd would much rather see Igor against: Chuck Liddel, Wanderlei Silva, Alister Oveream, Ken Shamrock, or Dan Henderson.

Would be a nice fight if the old Pedro showed up and actually went after Igor he could get the KO.Pedro will have some trouble in Pride if he goes there ebcause of the lack of hear he has had lately.

I like Igor and would love to see him fight at 205, but Rizzo would own him. Too big, too much reach, too technical. Igor would just be another Telligman, who pushes the pace and comes after him until Pedro sends him nappytime. Igor's best chance would be to take it to the ground, and that's not easy against Pedro either.

But it would be fun while it lasted...

"Would be a nice fight if the old Pedro showed up and actually went after Igor he could get the KO."

This is sort of an untrue statement.

Pedro has always been "the old Pedro". Its just in his first few big time fights he looked unreal because he was a fantastic counter fighter fighting guys who would come after him.

That being said Rizzo would TKO Vov with legkicks.