VPN Setup Help Needed

I've been working at home but now have moved to an office. I want to set up a VPN at home so that I can access my network from my work computer.

I'm using XP and have a NetgearMR814v2 router. So, using the "New Connection Wizard" in XP, I set up "Incomming Connections". I don't see much that could be wrong in there.

Ok. Port forwarding. My router says it works fine with VPN but doesn't really say anything in the manual about exactly how. After looking online, people say to forward ports 1723 and 43 to the computer which I set to accept incomming connections. Done.

To access the VPN, I just used the Network Connection Wizard and didn't change much that I can recall. Done. I try to connect to the VPN, it prompts me for a windows logon. cool. I enter the logon information and it says that "Windows was unable to connect to the netowrk using the user name and password you provided. Please re-enter the user name and password"

Any ideas? I know the username/password is correct and I can use them locally to logon.


Just use Remote Administrator.  It's encrypted and very, very easy.  It's free for 30 days, but the serial is easy enough to find online.


If you don't have a static ip, use no-ip.com for a dynamically translated address.  (The free service will work fine)

I use Microsoft's remote desktop thing all the time and used VNC...I'll take a look at the one you suggested

On the VPN issue - I fixed the incorrect user logon thing but now just get a genertic error 733 which says something about the protocols not being in sync.


Since you're behind a router at home, you'll need to port forward 4899 to the desktop.

Thanks. I'd edited my post but looks like you were too quick. At first I thought you were telling me to use the windows xp remote desktop but on 2nd look I realized that the Remote Administrator is a program on its own.

How does it compare to VNC?


I used VNC all the time. Once I found Radmin, I've never used it since. Unless VNC made dramatic improvements over the years, Radmin beats it hands down.

Thanks for the recommendation. One final question... how does Radmin compare with the Remote Desktop (mstsc) used in XP?

Everyone has preferences. Give it a shot and see for yourself. Radmin only takes about 2 minutes to setup.