VS. now in HD on Dish NET. 8/15!!!

I don't now if this has been posted but.....the VS. network is now broadcast in HD on Dish network starting today(8/15) on channel 9468.

This is great news considering that the next WEC will be broadcast live in HD and all future WEC events in HD as well!!!

I order every UFC in HD so it is great to be able to watch the WEC in HD for free!!

Thanks Zuffa and Dish network for a better viewing experience!!!!!!!!

Now everyone go out and buy an HDTV and subscribe to Dish and make sure you get "America's top 250" package or you won't get the VS. channel and you will also have to get the HD package which is an additional $20..........I have every channel DISH has and I pay $133.85 a month(3 receivers and 1 is a DVR).

I guess I'm the only person on the UG with an HDTV?

Sweet! I gotta switch my DVR channels now so it'll record the HD version. Also I noticed the other day that you can hook up an external hardrive for more storage.

its about time

Better late than never!!^^^^^

Yeah you can get an external hard drive but it costs $40.!!