VT-1 Gym Coach/My bro @ the World Games Muay thai


After having won the ISKA Australian Muay thai title a month or two ago and the WMC State title 3 months before that he got flown to the World Muay Thai Games in Cyprus. He is competing today after a two day trip and a 5 kilo weight cut on arrival. Hopefully we'll have a world champion this weekend! (though he may be a bit too inexperienced for the russians!)


Guys, my brother/coach/student/training partner Dylan is now the World Amatuer Mauy Thai Champion!

He won all knockouts, including a Russian who was last years world champ. It really made all the early mornings and bumps and bruises worthwhile!!


what is his website? or where is your school?


Its in Sydney Australia.

Just really excited. He wants to fight MMA later this year so that should be interesting to might see him fighting in America next few years.

Very nice! Congrats.

How old is he?


ttt for D-Res!

Congrats Dylan and Liam!

Who would have thought that Gordon boys could be bad ass????

Congrats to your bro and you Liam!!!!


 Nice!  Well done!

Thanks guys!
Sputnik, who woulda thought tough guys can go to Barker!

Good result for a good kid!

He certainly looked really promising when he fought for me years back & I am delighted that he has won.

Pass on my regards Liam.