VT stops transfers to Iowa

Oh boy here we go:

Virginia Tech issued a statement Wednesday saying it will not immediately release any wrestler's scholarship after several expressed interest in rejoining former Hokie coach Tom Brands at Iowa next season.

Iowa natives Jay Borschel, Dan LeClere and Joey Slaton and four-time Michigan state champion Brent Metcalf were among the group of Virginia Tech wrestlers who indicated their intentions to join the Hawkeyes after Brands was named Iowa's head coach on April 5.

NCAA rules allow student-athletes except for football, basketball and hockey players to transfer one time from one four-year school to another and gain immediate eligibility, provided they are granted a release by their original school.

The fathers of LeClere and Slaton said they were told the school had an "open-release" policy for non-revenue sports when their sons signed letters of intent with the Hokies in November of 2004.

In the school's release, Virginia Tech said it would release the wrestlers following the 2006-07 season. The wrestlers can still transfer to Iowa or another school, but won't be eligible to compete until the 2007-08 season.

Virginia Tech's ruling also applies to wrestlers who signed with the Hokies in the fall, including blue-chip recruit Billy Murphy. The 125-pound prospect from California picked Virginia Tech over Iowa.

The ruling is subject to an appeal hearing conducted by a committee of Virginia Tech faculty and staff that reside outside the athletics department.

well that is some bullshit

That is BS!

Hofstra is doing the same thing due to coach Tom Ryan leaving for Ohio St. They won't release anyone just yet. They want them to wait until they get a new coach.