Vulture in ASM 2?!

Apparently the Vulture will be in ASM 2. So we'll have 4 villains with Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin, and Vulture. Who will be the final two members? It'll probably be Lizard and one new villain. I'm hoping for Kraven!

Damm they're going a sinister six route, that could be actually pretty cool, I was gonna say I hope its Mysterio but that would probably be waay too difficult to adapt properly in a movie, I like Kraven but I bet they'll go with someone easier to just throw in without sharing any of the characters back story, maybe Shocker? I doubt they'll use Sandman or Doc Ock after Spiderman 3

This sounds like it might be a little too overloaded for a movie. Even if it was three hours long that would leave so little time for actual character development and story telling for each character.

I would love to see scorpion in a spiderman movie. Phone Post 3.0

weird. they don't really have the background to make the sinister six fit into a mainstream flick. i guess these things aren't really known for making sense anyway.

"Pops in .....

Spits venom" Phone Post 3.0

Usually a bad sign for such overkill. One to two villains well written tops IMO. Phone Post