I just got a big liniment order and noticed the rep name was Keegan...and think you regularly post on here, especially after the Vut Promotions.

Is there a problem with the website right now? I haven't been able to get on in 3 days and wanted camp info.


Should be up now!10th annual UWMTA Muay Thai Training Camp

khap khun khup!


Keegan WHAT ABOUT THE SHOWS ANY WORD ?!?!?!?! man i just had another fight get cancelled today........DAMNIT .....anyway give me some news, Kru Vut hasnt called us back

So far it doesn't look good. I know Dennis Warner is going ahead with a pro/am show on the 19th of June and I am assumming the amateurs will have to wear the headgear. Who knows how the crowds will respond to that. Vut's partner may look into acquiring a pro license if the commission doesn't budge. The timing is terrible too as the shows have gotten so popular in the past year. The last show at the Casino totally sold out, my buddy Sean was scrambling to seat people along the ring apron and in the aisles.

Mark definitely let us know when your next bout is so we can support you bro!

yea well i have a friend that is fighting in the dennis warner show so right now im training with him,sparring and helping out......i have no fights set up right now (vut cancelled and i had a NHB fight in mexico but the guy diddnt want to fight me). so i got nothing to do .....DAMNIT p.s. i aint goin back to headgear....and thanks Keegan keep us updated !