W.E. Combatives II in Cobourg

Last October, I had my good friend SouthNarc come to Cobourg Ont for a seminar of his unarmed concepts and knifework. The session was a big hit with everyone who attended. This year, SouthNarc will return, with a few added bonuses. Paul Gomez will be joining him. In addition Matt Temkin will be coming to teach WWII Combatives as taught to him by such people as his father(Darby's Rangers), Rex Applegate and Carl Cestari.

This Oct 15-16 will be an amazing opportunity to train with some of North America's best trainers and compare the similarities between today's cutting edge and WWII combatives.

Cost is $250(CDN)&GST for the weekend. Rooms available on site. For more information, contact me at atemi-waza@hotmail.com

Reviews and comments on last years event




does anybody know of any places to train in the cobourg area that isn't tkd or karate?

ahhh.. NO.

JHR's house of Couch Fu, herniated discs and pancakes is your only alternative...

I am in town for a while if you are looking for some informal training in standup jj. Contact me at atemi-waza@hotmail.com

Nobody's interested in standup JJ? Hmm, I may have to move home. There is a classical JJ class wed nights at ganaraska freestyle in Port Hope.

What's the cost if you don't require a room ?

JHR, price is $250 for the weekend of training, rooms and food are extra.

ok thanks.

I will be there, looking forward to it!

I attended last year and it was one of the best training weekends I have ever gone to. Worth attending at twice the price.

For those that train primarily MMA/BJJ the WWII combatives etc fit with what you are already doing and really complete the system for street effectiveness. This is how to make your skills work without mats and in a concrete world.

TTT for W.E. II in Cobourg.

I have made arrangements for a private tour of the Camp X museum. Camp X was where W.E.Fairbairn first taught combatives in North America, lots of memorabilia to check out.

I'm pretty sure that the Cobourg TKD club behind Mac's
Milk downtown offers BJJ on saturdays.

HA! who teaches there?

Unfortunatley, the TKD club behind Mac's Milk stopped offered the JJ on Staturdays about a year ago.

That is unfortunate. There really isn't much going on
in Cobourg for training at all. You guys should all
car pool and make the drive to Oshawa or something.


Lynn Hodgson, author of several Camp X related books,
has agreed to be our tour guide for the museum visit.