W.F. Jiu Jitsu open this week?

Just wondering if the thursday No Gi class is a go??

Ten Q.

and what time does it start??

Of course its a go. 830pm

Of course its a go. 830pm

Pigdog, if you need a place to practice your "Kata" my garage is always open !


MATT youl'l be theree?

hopefully see you thursday!

matt email me at kashkbjj@hotmail.com

rats, the roads are to slippery for the drive up tonight :(

yeah my car is an ice cube..can't even open the door:(

oh well, have a fun holiday Yael, see you after Xmas. Josh you've got mail bro see you soon. JHR I guesse I'm off to your garage to practice kata's with Dan :) You have no idea how hard it was not to bring up that story when I ran into him the other night. he he he


I thought Cobourg was a big TKD mecca?

Karate guys do kata, TKD guys do "Hyungs".


Mondays night is a regular gi night. But club members who train no-gi are welcome to drop by after 8:00 for open mat training. Spider, Joey and a few others have already confirmed that they will show.

happy holidays

Clarification to Karmarep's post, this coming Monday no-gi guys can come after 8pm to train. Ordinarily its Gi until 930pm.

Holiday Cheers!!


I'm in for sure, merry christmas to everyone!

happy holidays...

Wicked class tonight, thanks for the workout dom!

No problem Mat. Who was that girl you brought? and why was she trying to kill me? I was very nice to her and she still made numerous attempts to take my life.

Hey boyz and girls there will be open mat for members this Friday from 1230-2pm

Sunday Open Mat from 7-9pm and then watching Pride FC afterwards.

Special thanks to Joey, Dom, and Spidey for setting this up!!!

10:30 -12 is no-gi only

7-9 is no-gi and gi open mat. Spider, JP and Marcello and Joey have confirmed to be there at both times on Sunday and there will plenty of gi guys training as well. The room will be thick so bring your A game and a few bucks for beer.

For those who can't attending training but wish to come by and watch PRIDE. We will be at Sharks(Islington and Steeles, North East) corner sometime between 9-10.