WA Shooto Show SOLD OUT

Fight Club Presents
WA's first Shooto Show SOLD OUT!!!

26th May 2007
Final Card

B-Class Shooto 2x5mins U70Kg

Mark Oats vs Gustavo Falciroli

B-Class Shooto 2x5mins U92

Clinton Joyce vs Connell Sinclair

Full Thai Rules

Daniel Shering vs Komarit Nanakorn

B-Class Shooto 2x5mins U83Kg

Stephen Walton vs Dylan Andrews

B-Class Shooto 2x5mins U83Kg

Xavier Lucas vs Theo Tsakrakris

K1 Rules 3x3mins U82Kg

Rob Powerdrill vs Anony Donpradith

B-Class Shooto 2x5mins U60Kg

Alex Shevtov vs Takao Kitahira


B-Class Shooto 2x5mins U83Kg

Jon "Versace" Valurivs Brian Embsole

Venue: Cannington Exhibition Centre
Crn Albany Hwy & Station St

Good luck to my team mates and good friends, Theo "The Bull" and Dylan "The Villan" im sure they'll put on a good show and make us proud..

TTT for Perth MMA

Alex vs Takao will be a good fight.

'Daniel Shering' as in Daniel Shearing or is it a different guy?


bugger SOLD OUT !

I was just going to get tickets at the door there gos that idea.
must of been all the ads on the radio.

I should auction EBERSOLE'S corner passes as he's flyin solo ;)


Justin: I'll shout you a black eye and a busted lip for two of em!! ;)


ps: Is Piotr CLEMENTS on that card? If so I'd go a couple of tix to see my old coach fight.

go takao!! :)

any results??

ebersole won, sorry thats all the sms said.


How'd Shearing go?

Hey guys my full review here at local bjj site


Will copy n paste after lunch :-)

What about Shearing's match?

Hey mate was an awesome nite for WA fite fans and supporters of MMA.

We really wanted to bring a feeling of the original Japanese Shooto shows to the event with fighters getting the recognition they deserve. Big intro's and

Got to catch quite a few of the fites while runnin bout....

Gustavo vs Marc Oakes was the opening pro fite with both guys weighing in at 68kg. Gustavo a Bjj black belt teaching here in WA came out quick to close the distance in his debut and clinch with Marc.
There was a quik flurry but Gustavo clinched tight and pulled guard to start working his subs. Riding his legs up high he secured an armbar but a very tough Marc would not give up easily and kept defending well, however there was only so much his arm could take as Gustavo really started to torque it.
Huge celebration by the Brazilian after his first win included flag kissing and giving Habby an accidental fat lip while jumping around hugging everyone

Next up was Clinton Joyce vs Connell Sinclair fightin MMA both boys weighin in at 92kgs. Only caught sum of the fite but both were swing hard and looking for the KO. Clinton caught Connell with a nasty over hand right and dropped him in the corner as the ref stepped in to stop the fight.

Then came possibly the Fite of the Nite...Alex Shevtov vs Takao Kitahira. Both guys absolutely ripped at 60kgs and ready to rumble.
As they threw sum heavy leather Takao caught Alex with a wicked right uppercut in opening few seconds and put the russian down and almost out, Takao followed into Alex's open guard with sum big punches and hammer fists that the still wobbled Alex managed to use his hips to dodge a majority of these shots (not all thou!)
Alex almost secured a triangle during the scramble but the tough Japanese fighter defended and escaped. From his back Alex threw very nice up kick into Takao's jaw as his opponent was raining down the punches. Another triangle attempt by alex and it was deep but still Takao would not submit, only after alex went to a keylock with the triangle still locked did the tough Japanese finally tap....Huge congrats to both guys

Stephen Walton vs Dylan Andrews... another good fite only caught small bits of this thou but Stephen threw sum nice thai leg kicks before he threw a high kick and slipped.
His opponent capitalized on this by taking his back and securing a body triangle while working for the choke. After much defending by Stephen the choke was on tight and Dylan got the win via submission.

There were a couple good thai fites in between i missed seeing so if anyone has the results...post'em!

Xavier Lucas vs Theo 'The Bull' Tsakrakris.... Very good fite as both guys in great shape and very tough. This was Xavier's third mma bout (2-0 previously) after a long career of amatuer and pro boxing out of Durban South Africa.
His hands are not to be messed with as Theo found out in the first few minutes with Xavier teeing off and crackin him with sum nice crisp right hands that could be heard around the noisey hall.
Theo the bull really did live up to his nickname with sum very persistant takedowns and good G n P from mount. Xavier did look to be in trouble when mounted but stayed tight to his opponent and managed a reversal into guard and a couple nice punches before both scrambled to their feet as the boxer Xavier locked in a tight guilotine for the win. Again Huge congrats to two very tough guys!

Last fite of the night was between Jon "Versace" Valuri vs Brian Ebersole at 83kgs....Ebersole from Team * Shamrock and now based in QLD was very relaxed sitting in his corner waiting as only a guy with 30+ fites could be.
Both came out tentatively gettin a feel for the other before Brian got the clinch and took Jon down to half guard. Both stayed busy on the ground transitioning between guard and half guard while throwing strikes. Brian however seemed more dominant in the wrestling and colourful with his guard pass attempts (cartwheels and all!!) Brain took the unanimous decision after final round.
Congrats to Brain for taking fite on short notice and putting on good show.

And big thanks to all who came and supported WA's first big MMA show from the fans to the refs and officials...Thanks guys!!

Guys Shooto DVD's available soon...just getting final editing done.

Contact Habby Heske @ Mach1 Fitness for copies.