The UFC sucked..we had UFC on Spike almost all day but i'm unhappy....


The UFC has finally gone mainstream WAAAAAAH

But Pride is better so i won't take advantage of the fact that MMA has blown up in the US and only watch it if it's in Japan..WAAAAAAAH

The TUF4 show isn't good enough despite the amazing fighters on it i'd blow to train with WAAAAAAH

Seriously....some of you would bitch about winning ONE million dollars because TWO million is better...you'd fuck a woman you probably had no chance of and think you deserve to bang Ms Universe...

Thanks Dana for teaming up with Spike, thanks for a good PPV and thanks fighters for continuing to entertain those of us that really care....WAAAAAAAH


"Bitching about bitching. Mr. Pot, Mr. Kettle"

umm..yea pretty much...i figure if ya can't beat 'em...

funny stuff nelson. is true though, always someone complaining about someone that they have no chance in hell beating. too quick to criticize.

I agree 100%

Nelson how much did last nights ufc cost?

LOL @ Nelson's fantastic post!! :-)


lol @ artie lange posting here


I was just pissed that I was still tired from pulling an all nighter watching PRIDE the night before. I was falling asleep by the time Chuck v. Babalu started.

I mean could these organizations work together better so that my sleep patterns are not impacted?

I mean seriously, how are we expected to watch 7+ hours of fighting in less then 21 hours?

< Gets ready to watch WEC on TIVO >

I thought this UFC was great!

"Fired. Banned"


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Can a bluenamer post?


I have the opposite opinion. The UFC bashers are making this place horrible. Promote Pride or WFA or whoever all you want, but why denigrate the UFC while doing it.

"Can a bluenamer post? "