Wacky finish: Prangley vs. Newton

Scored a clean knockdown with a high kick and injured his ankle simultaneously... at 5:00 of Round 5

Pretty sure Prangley's leg was injured going into the fight. Nice to see him with the strap. Always been a fan.

He said he twisted it in round three, and it went out when he threw that kick.

ankle injuries suck.

congrats to prangley on a big win.

prangley is bad ass. he always looks tired though. even if he isnt. must be a south african thing.

i told everyone for years that guy is a monster
he is a 185 pounder but cant get a fight

guy is a beast

the reason i made the move to 170



Yes, I remember Prangly years ago in the ufc and being realy impresses... I can understand why people dont want to fight him..... Prangly can make the best fighters look realy bad.
ttt for speedy recovery.

Outstanding fighter and the judges got it right.

Newton won rounds 1 and 4.

Prangley, atleast in my humble opinion, won rounds 2, 3 and 5.

Take in to account the point deduction and he had a 10-8 round in the 2nd because he outright won that round without the deduction.

The last second kick was definitely a "wacky" way to finish a very solid and entertaining fight.

Prangley's a beast and I look forward to this rematch.

ttt for Baroni one of the best cornermen ever


PAGrappler412 - ttt for Baroni one of the best cornermen ever