Wade Phillips?

Is Wade Phillips the answer for the Dallas Cowboys?

Fuck the mooching cowboys, find your own god damn coach. Same goes for the dolphins.

Terrell is going to eat him alive before the season starts.

He's there to manage the 3-4 Defense...and coach Demarcus Ware. The offensive play calling will be handle by Garrett who is being groomed to be the future Boys head coach and Tony Soprano.

He did a pretty good job with the bills, his previous experiences coaching will help him with clock management and replays (both problems in his first stint as a head coach). He really understands the 3-4.

I think he got a raw deal in Buffalo. If I remember correctly he was canned for refusing to fire some of his assistants.

That said, he really made the Rob Johnson/Doug Flutie situation much more bad than it should've been.

lol @ Tony Soprano

i thought for some reason Phillips was going to change the defense scheme. glad to hear that.

but still. F JJ

^^^I was waiting for sum1 to catch that!

Some sports reporters just think he is keeping the seat warm

Why so many interviews only to come up with Wade Phillips? And Jerry Jones had tears in his eyes as if announcing this hire was some kind of deep, emotional experience. It's weird.

Gene Wojciechowski, on ESPN.com, writes that the choice of Phillips is uninspired and makes the Cowboys inconsequential.

Jerry Jones is the real coach of that team.

Gene Wojciechowski is only now seeing what the rest of us have known for a long time.

What, that the Cowboys are irrelevant?

So, Jerry was weeping because it just hit him that he was finally going to be coaching the team himself?

The Dallas Cowboys are the single most overhyped team I have ever seen. At 9-7 you would think the hiring of a new coach was some ground breaking thing to happen to a team. Lets be honest, they suck. Top to bottom they are not a very good team. Tony Romo is being exposed for who, and what he is, which is not a very good QB. Their defense is weak, and the only reason they get any press is TO and Jerry Jones. Its a circus down there, and they will continue to suck because of that. I actually feel bad for Wade Phillips because after he is ran out of Dallas he will have a hard time finding a job somewhere. The Dallas Cowboys are a joke, they are not a very good football team, and this is all in the NFC. IF the Cowboys played in the AFC they would not even be a .500 team, in fact they would be around the same place the Oakland Raiders are. Their teams are ran very similar. Old, out of it owner who really wants to coach the team, overpaid, underachieving receiver, and other overpaid talent across the board. They both have QB issues, and their teams are just weak. I am wondering if Jerry Jones and AL Davis were twins seperated at birth.

Al Davis is much more out of it than Jerry Jones IMO.

That Tony Romo botched extra point distance field goal hold was a fluke. Wade Phillips is getting a pretty good situation IMO.

Wade could have stayed and taken over the Chargers.

He's a Texan...this is a dream job for him.