Wade Rome & ATT

American Top Team and Wade Rome has donated his recent winnings ($1000.00) from the Submission Wrestling Open to the Joe Priole Cancer Fund.I thought it was a pretty classy move worth mentioning. If anybody else is interested in helping you can check out their website for more information regarding this worthy cause.Joe Priole Cancer Fundhttp://www.WantJoePriole.info


Wade is the man! Very classy



very cool of Wade and ATT.

Congrats on the near sweep at SWO.

Thanks to Wade! Very classy move.

Chris Savarese

Tribe Fightwear

Awsome job Wade your a classy guy!

awesome. ttt!


I'm on vapors but I'm going to throw in $50.

Characteristically tremendous gesture!!!

Nice move Wade! Our school sent in some money, as one of our former students has trained w/ Joe in the past...

3t for a great cause!

See folks Wade is a jut a big sensitive teaddy bear!


WOW! TTT for Wade Rome, symbolizing what the sport is all about!

Rob and Wade also left a $44,000 buffet bill at the hotel - who is going to pay for that?


: )

that is a very classy move. TTT

very cool.

Osaekomi- Nice gesture man!