Wade Rome Faxia Preta!

Congrats to Wade Rome on receiving his Black Belt from Ricardo Liborio this past weekend.

Wade has been with ATT a long time and his accomplishments speak for themselves.

Well deserved promotion.

Welcome to the club Wade!!



Congratulations Wade!


Huge Congratulations!!!

congrats wade!!!!!!!!
10 push ups to dan!!!!!!

AWESOME!! Congrats Wade



Wow, awesome accomplishment. Congrats!!!

Thanks for the props everyone. It is an honor to receive my Black belt
from Master Liborio. I will do my very best to represent it and ATT.

Wade Rome

Congrats Wade!!!!!!

Congrats Wade.


Tough mofo that Wade.

Out Fuckin' Standing bro. Huge congrats Wade. That is great news.

congrats wade!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to my long lost brother Wade :) awesome news man!!

Don Richard


HELL YES....I love it when "big guys" get their Black Belt...and from Liborio no less!!!

Just another reason why I have hope that someday I can too reach a Black Belt....hell, I would be happy withone day getting my Brown Belt!!!  LOL!

Anyway, again, big congrats!

well deserved. congrats, bitch.