Waffle House gets a bad rap

Went to Waffle House yesterday.

Had an all star special.

Plain waffle. Two eggs over light. Sausage. Hash Browns covered and cubed. Biscuit. Coffee.

Mrs Ned had a similar combo.

$29 all in, tipped her $30 since it was Thanksgiving.

Good food, not greasy, fast, clean, exceptional service.

Waffle House is a 10/10 for me.



I like the place too. Love the hash browns.

What do you think of making a giant ravioli?


I would rub my face in that thing right now.


Like any Franchise it’s all about who is running it. Went to one while on vacation in Vicksburg MS that was the most disgusting place I have ever been in. Most of the time it’s pretty good but 10/10 is a stretch.

They’re only bad when famous rappers show up.

Tiger Woods LOVES Waffle House!

I have been to seven locations in Florida and they have all been clean and nice.

I have been to two in Georgia.

All were clean and friendly.

The last time I went to a Waffle House and it wasn’t nice was Jacksonville Beach in the early 2000s at 2am.

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This. Waffle house always delivers


It’s hit or miss, depending on the cooks. Sometimes it’s shit and sometimes it’s the perfect thing you need.

Smoothered, covered and slathered.

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Wife and I had our worst dining experience ever at a Waffle House in Vicksburg. We still laugh about it. It was only a few years ago. Place was a disaster zone when we walked in but my dumbass insisted on staying. It only got worse. Employees screaming at each other, inedible food, you name it.

We had been to several others in many states and it was usually reliable. Not great but decent. Never been in one I’d call 10/10

I’m still drunk from last night I could do some good WH.

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I like em!

I was an IHOP guy over waffle house for years but IHOP now seems to be about the worst run chain in America. Just disgusting. On the other hand, waffle house has stepped their game up and every one I’ve been to in the last couple years has been clean with excellent service and good food.

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The men and women of WaHo are doin’ the Lord’s work 24/7. Up until about 2 years ago, I averaged 3 times a week at a WaHo. In Atlanta you can’t throw a rock without hitting one.
I hate to admit I had a bad experience recently but that was staff performance related. The food was solid.

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Do what must be done, Brother.

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It’s damned tempting, there are a few near, but I might be too silly/ and or lazy to drive. But I have the ingredients here.

Sausage egg and cheese hash brown bowl. Extra cheese add ham and bacon, smothered, covered, chopped, chunked, and country.

That’s how you do it

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I went to one in Little Rock Arkansas it was disgusting. One in northern Virginia there was an Italian cook that was smoking a cig with his shirt unbuttoned to his waist with his hairy gut and chest hanging outn

whatchu readin’ for?