Waffle House gets a bad rap

I think Waffle House during the daytime, and Waffle House after 1am are two totally different places


I have never ordered anything from the awful waffle except “eggs over my hammy”. How could you order anything else when that’s an option?

It’s “moons” not “eggs” and i confused wh w dennys. Ill see myself out.


once you figure out the hash brown menu the place is a must visit.

The only thing to order is the pecan waffle.

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scattered smothered and covered ftw

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You must have never had good hash browns because theirs is absolutely the worst

Le Giga-Shat


That could be said about anywhere open after midnight.

Waffle House food is whatever. Their reputation comes from the fact that anytime after like 8 PM, it caters exclusively to the trashiest elements of society.