Wagakki Band - cool japanese folk rock


They've got some good songs. Most of them sound like they belong in anime fight scenes. Unfortunately the entire band also looks like they belong in anime fight scenes. Bonus points if you can tell which one is a man and which is a woman.

Philistines. This shit is great.


This is great! Looking for guitar inspiration, I was recently searching for rocking shamisen music. When they really get rocking, it's like kicking blues or something.

They're taking this to the next level.


Willybone, NP. Actually saw these guys on a documentary the other day. Been rocking them non-stop since then.

¿ Phone Post 3.0

Bump for the night crew to see and hear some cool shit.


These dudes rip.

At about 3:10 here, he goes all Iron Maiden.

Neat link, has a cool fast paced vibe to it.

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