Wagner Prado looking for KO against Alcantara

Source: Wagner Prado looking for knockout against Ildemar Alcantara

I was really impress by Prado in the few seconds we saw him against Davis in the first fight, and I actually had him winning in the second meeting, but of course Davis dominated him. I would like to say that Prado could be a potential top 10 lhw in the future, but I'm only going off those few impressive seconds he had against Davis in their first meeting. Do u guys think this guy has potential?

Oh really? I thought he was going for a decision. Phone Post

No way.

Does he also wanna win a belt?

Make some money to feed his family?

Wanna screw hot chicks?

Eat when he gets hungry.............

I hope he does. Seems like a nice guy but also a little crazy when he gets mads but oh well WAR PRADO