Wagner: UFC is end-game

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                                Wagner: UFC is end-game

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"I think that if anything, it’s redemption for my performance on The Ultimate Fighter. Hopefully it goes a long way to setting the record straight to the kind of fighter I am. If I would have knocked him out in 10 seconds, everybody would have said it was a lucky punch. If it would have taken 10 minutes, everyone would have said it was because he didn’t have any conditioning. We stood in there for a while and the outcome was the outcome and neither of those excuses could be used. My general goal is to fight at the highest level I can, and obviously the end game is to fight in the UFC. As far as what I want to impress on people; win or lose I just want to fight hard and display my skills and athletic ability."

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good attitude and good luck!

Did the UFC re-sign him after the Sylvia win?

I like Abe's attitude, seems like a good guy. He definitely has the physical tools to be a threat to any HW. If he can improve his game he could be an asset to the UFC HW division in the future. He might need a few more impressive wins over notable competition outside the UFC before he gets there though, but at least he has his priorities straight.

If McCorkle can get on the roster, Wagner should get a shot. :-)

The dude just needs takedown defense. He could conceivably beat guys like Struve or Hague, but a good wrestler will take him down and pound on him.