Wagney vs. nobody!?!?!?!

Rumor going around Montreal right now is that TKO can not find an opponent fo Wagney Fabiano . Rumor has it one TKO star has turned down the fight and that no one really wants to take this bout.

I would nominate Jeff Curran and think that would be a sweet fight. Lets just hope they find someone to take this fight.

I know of one person who would take this fight. :)

Ivan Menjivar would like to fight Mr. Wagney Fabiano in a future show.

Menjivar is previously committed, Colangelo is injured, Bocek is team mate... Gill? What weight will the fight be? Homnick (sp?)?

Wagnney vs. JHR would be awesome ;)

I would win by forfeit.

Wagney, closing the distance at the start of the fight would slip in puddle of my own urine...During the fall he would injure his back and be unable to continue.

I then take advantage of the situation, gaining full mount and rain down one single punch.

Unfortunatley it will miss Wagney's head, hitting the mat with the force of 10 angry hamsters breaking my hand in 6 places...

I hide the injury from ref Yves Lavigne and the Red haired chick doctor from the UFC (Who obviously has a crush on me).

During my post fight interview with Mark Colangelo, I attempt to speak french, using Muhammed Ali's famous "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" routine....

Little to my knowledge, the translation comes out "My penis is the size of a bumble bee but it is full of Honey and I want to sting you"

Mark Colangelo laughs.

I walk off to the locker room to savor my first MMA win and remove Mark from my X Mas card list.


Menjivar vs. Fabiano would be a awsome fight but wasn't this supposed to take place at a UCC a while back. The one where the fight was canceled and Wagney dropped/was stripped of his title right after. I thought these two did not want to fight each other.

Hopefully from Alex's comments he can get one of his fighters on this card to face Fabiano although asides from Berger I can't remember the other two guys he manages.

JHR is one funny bastard.

FYI.. I manage Steve Berger, Mike Rogers and Santino Defranco, who will all be fighting at Rumble on the Rock in Honolulu on May 7th.

I think TBA is available on May 22nd, they should ask him.

You could always ask any of the Ottawa Senators...

They've got nothing to do on that day...



TBA is such a good guy. He always for a good fight.

Yannick could you please e-mail me at nathan@aristeiafighters.com. I have a couple of question to ask you. Thank you in advance.

Nathan you've got mail

Nice edit...

I missed what it originally said but Im sure it wasn't good !


I usually wouldn't do this, but based on my comments above, I think its necessary. I just want to make it public that Santino Defranco is ready and able to fight Waggney Fabiano on May 22nd. The only catch is that the fight has to be at 155 pounds as it is impossible for Santino to weigh in lower than that. I think this would be a great fight as Defranco is not scared to go to the ground with Fabiano.

So basically its in the hands of TKO and Fabiano's camp. We're ready to step up to the plate.

Let the games begin !!!

Sounds good to me, what is Defranco's full record as the one on sherdog is usually not complete?

Defranco is 12-4-0 as Sherdog is missing his fight at KAOS where he represented the 808 Fight Team and FC Fighter is missing a RITC card.

He is 21 years old and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The match is set at 145lbs always has been. Thats the weights class handed down by TKO. You can't have a 145lb champion who fights at 155lbs. What's the point in that?

Also it's not in Wagnney's hands!! The contract is signed by him waiting for TKO to find a guy at 145lbs. It's that simple!

We just might get to see Menjivar vs. Fabiano in future at 145lb.

WF -mentioned he was fighting someone just before class today- unfortunately myself and jlmirage were in the middle of the mat and he was off at the office so i don't remember the name. but it sounded like there was going to be a fight. then again that was before jl showed me his choke holds.

Personally, I don't see how fighting in a higher weight class hurts your chances for fighting for a belt at a lower weight class. A win on your record is a win on your record, just ask Randy Couture.

But, that being said, Fabiano seems committed to fight only at 145 and its safe to say this fight won't happen. Its unfortunate as this was a fight we would look forward to. Hopefully we'll find a way to bring Santino up for a future show in Canada.

Best of luck to Wagnney on May 22nd and his future fights as well!

AlexC, if you have a fighter at 145 that would be cool. MMA fighters deserve our respect, nobody should ever be criticized for not fighting up a weight class, especially in Wagnney case, where he weighs less than 155.