Wagnney Fabiano gets 3rd Degree BB

I am proud to announce that my teacher, Wagnney Fabiano, recieved his 3rd Degree Black Belt this past weekend from the Co-founders of Nova Uniao, Professors Wendell Alexander and Andre Pederneiras.

The incredible thing, is that Wagnney is still learning and growing in Jiu-Jitsu, getting better every year. He is committed to improving his understanding of BJJ, so that a 4th degree Wagnney will have even more to share with his students then the 3rd degree Wagnney (some may believe this to be impossible but Wagnney will find a way).

Congratulations Professor!!!

Congrats Wagnney!

Congrats Wag!

Wow, amazing Wagnney!

The best keeps getting better!




Congrats Waggney.

Thats great! Wagnney was also featured in the coverage of the ADCC trials by Full Contact Fighter including an awesome pic and a message to his opponents.


Congrats to Mr. Wagney Fabiano!!!!

Congratulations from all of the Magnuson crew!

congrats wagnney!



Where can I get that copy of Full contact Fighter?

Wow - congrats!!!

congrats !

I think that you can only get FCF through a subscription

congrats bad boy!

Congratulations on an amazing achievement!

Congratulations to Wagnney.