Wagnney Fabiano Interview

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Wagnney Fabiano

By Eduardo Ferreira

Playing the rules

Living in Canada for seven years, BJJ black belt from Nova União Wagnney Fabiano was one of the starts to shine at last December 4 and 5, in São Paulo. After winning the -66 division, Wagnney proved that living far away from his brother Leonardo Santos, he might have a hard time to Leonardo Vieira, Barret Yoshida and Royler Gracie in May. During an exclusive to TATAME.com, Wagnney talked about the Abu-Dhabi rules and the tournament, besides what is going on in Canadá.

What do you think about ADDC rules?

People have been slowing down the fight. The rules are good to whom enjoys being on the guard and wait for five minutes in there. Then he search for points. To who has an open game, it's not good at all.

Lot of people complained about it. Did you use the rules to win?

I don't even care. I fight under any rule system. I fight a lot in tournaments as Naga and Grapplers Quest in the States and they have similar rules as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It's not a big deal for me.

But it's not better to submit in the very first minutes?

I am a tactic guy. I play the rules and I always search the victory. If I have a chance to submit I will! If I have to do a tied game, I also do not problems with it. You cannot complain about the rules. Sheik is the boss (laughs). I had a great support from one of the ADCC referees. We went to my academy and explained me the rules.

Tell me about your main opponents during the final phase.

The division under 66kg is good. Leonardo Vieira, Royler Gracie, Baret Yoshida, Ed Bravo are there. It's gonna be a grappling show.

How do you do to keep a good train level in Canada?

I have few great athletes as Mark Bolcheck, who is a BJJ world champion in purple belt and now he was graduated black belt. There is Rob, Joe and some other good pupils. Even though, I will spend a month in Brazil before the competition.

How is everything in Canada?

I have been there for seven years and I have 60 pupils. But we have few competitions in Canada because we do not have a federation. I fight a lot in United States, but in Canada a do my physical preparation and lots of Boxing, Wrestling and Muay Thai. I also own the TKO belt in Canada.




I've said it before and I'll say it again Wagnney is the man.


thanks for the interview. ttt for Wagnney



wagney is da bomb.


ronin-mma, ottawa.


I hope Wagnney raises a little hell at Abu Dhabi!

I want to go and watch him kick ass there. Anyone else going?

Take me with you Mike?!?!

I am going to Long Beach in May.

i wish

but i'll live vicariously through whoever does go :)




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Kasch: let me know if you get an idea about tickets.

"Lot of people complained about it. Did you use the rules to win?"

Can someone please elaborate?