Wagnney wins ADCC BRAZIL!!!

Congratulations to my instructor Wagnney Fabiano for overcoming incredible adversity and winning the ADCC Qualifier. A true Champion.

People do not realize how good Wagnney is. He is the most well rounded grappler I have ever gone against. He will turn some heads in Abu Dhabi!

Book your tickets early!!!

I realize how good he is, that's why I'm not surprised one bit.

congrats Wagnney



Wagnney won 3 matches this weekend, so he has four more to go, and on paper it doesn't look like anybody will be able to stop him.

Way to go Wagnney! We knew you could do it!

OUTSTANDING job Professor!

congrats to a great fighter!!

Please tell Wagney Congratulations for me...
That's awesome.



That is so awesome! TTT for Wagnney, who is not only very talented but such a decent and good hearted man.

All the best to him at ADCC 2005!


Big Congrats to Wagnney, great job...

TTT - congrats Wagnney, I knew you would do it.

big congrats!


Wagnney truly deserves this! His students in Kingston are very proud of


Best Karate

Gee Mike does that mean you'll have a submission wrestling seminar with him soon?

I am through hosting seminars! I promise that I will not have another

... this year!

Wagnney's strength comes from eating all that
Montreal smoke meat before he moved to Toronto.
He still sneaks back occasionally for a sandwich
to build up his depleted strength.

Congratulations Wagnney. The world is beginning
to see what we have known all along. Hope you go
all the way.