Waikiki or L.A./Vegas?

Hey everyone, I have to make a choice between going to Hawaii or L.A./Vegas(together). I have been to L.A. and Vegas, but never to Hawaii. Which would you choose for 2 weeks of fun? thanks

What about exploring both honolulu and maui? Is there lots to do?

Honolulu has a good party scene, shopping, and some outdoor stuff (e.g. waikiki, pipeline, hiking manoa, hanauma bay, sandy beach/makapuu (don't try bodysurfing there)).. Maui (my favorite island to visit) is a little more laid back. Beautiful beaches, casual bars and awesome scenery (e.g. drive to Hana). One week on each island would be cool!

Hawaii, its cheaper =)


ttt for more Hawaii recommendations

save your money. Waikiki is a tourist trap full of ICE HEADS who are very aggressive.

if you are white they are openly racist to you. As a matter of fact, the only time a hawaaian wil be kind is when your wallet is open.

 Theadonis...this is the same way we treat you here. so don't blame Hawai.

Hawaii...is wonderful...and the people are friendly and the food is awesome.  go hawaii

yes, you are correct. Most americans are assholes.

However, people from HI have the lock on being racist jerkoffs.

i've never seen a higher homeless population anywhere. Ice heads, beggers, and aggressive street peddlers everywhere.

Brah" and "cuzin" will be thrown at you all day in the most unsincere manner.

Hawaii- easy decision. Vegas and LA are there always and easy to get to. Same old stuff. Hawaii has beautiful weather and tons of stuff to do.