Wait a Minute Georges, Unfinished Business Looms

 By Andrew Dodds

Why does Jon Fitch deserve a rematch with GSP? Georges dominated him in their fight. He left the challenger with a busted-up face and won with scores of 50–43, 50–44, 50–44. Detractors may also say Fitch is a boring fighter who can only win by decision. However, no one can say he does not win nor can anyone say they were not impressed with his grit at UFC 87 where he lost his title bid. There are many reasons as to why the champion cannot leave the division until the rematch happens.


After another disappointing outing, UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has further decreased interest in a potential mega-fight with middleweight champion Anderson Silva. In fact, desire to see any of his fights have been dramatically reduced. There are those that say he has cleaned out the division and needs to fight Silva for a challenge. This is premature; there are still some fights left for him at 170 pounds. Jon Fitch proved he can make an exciting St-Pierre fight.

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