Wait for Quite Frankly tomorow

They have to Noah's dumb ass don't they?

I will be in the audience.

I attended the taping of the show. I was front and center in the crowd. It was great!

During the audience Q & A portion of the show which was done off air, Rorion and Rener answered some questions. The two questions I asked are . . .

Q. Do any true vale tudo events still exist in Brazil?

A. Rorion: No, not in the way I imagine a true vale tudo event should be.

Q. Do you prefer the UFC rules and regulations, and round system or the PRIDE FC rules and regulations and round system?

A. Rorion and Rener: PRIDE is better. The rules are better, they allow for a more natural fight to occur because there are fewer restrictions. They are more suited for a grappler than the UFC?s rules and regulations.

A question asked by another audience member was . . .

Q. Has Royce been training with any wrestlers for his upcoming fight, because Matt is a great wrestler?

A. Rorion: Of course! Royce has been training with many great wrestlers to prepare for this fight.

Also, an audience member asked Stephen A. Smith an interesting question.

Q. Do you think the UFC will ever be on Sports Center?

A. Stephen A. Smith: No, I do not think it will be on Sports Center. I say that meaning I do not think it will be on the actual show Sports Center. But, I do believe that the UFC will gain more coverage on ESPN networks as the sport grows. It is a sport, and it is popular so of course it deserves coverage. But I do not think the American public is ready to see Ultimate Fighting daily on Sports Center. It is possible, but I do not think it will happen.