wait... he had his MOM speak for him????


love it.

i wonder if she will go before the commission when ken-flo beats him for the title with a stoppage from cuts due to elbows...

oh man... this has to be a first... having his mom go before the commission...

thanks, bj... i needed a good laugh.

gsp by whatever he wants.

awww japetto... i can't hear you over all that sand falling out of your vagina....

get over it sweetie... your hero got worked like a ragdoll.

st. pierre could've been rubbed down w/ honey in between rounds, and he STILL makes bj quit between rounds.

the sky is black.

in related news... did you just get back from the wilderness?...... try to keep up.

watch your mouth... i'll have my mom get on here and defend me.


You should clarify in the title whose mum you are talking about...I'm sure a lot of fighters bring their mums to hearings.

His mom is asian, so it's okay.

Eh whatever. If i ever have a dispute over a credit card or bill payment or anything i always have my girlfriend or mom call in place of me. They are alot better at being bitches and usually get things settled pretty quick, whereas i would end up getting duped into buying a platinum card or some shit.