Wait until Argument Resolution Before Sex?

If you are having some sort of argument or disagreement with your spouse or SO, do you and/or she feel the need to wait until the situation is resolved before having sex?

My dick wins all debates

Yes, make up sex is great!


I like to start arguments during sex.

We're married 22 years, and as my wife and I get older this happens more often. Instead of needing to resolves the issue completely, sometimes we just get tired or arguing and do it, and it sometimes takes the edge off the argument and makes it easier to come to an agreeable resolution.

Actually, speaking of hen's teeth, the last time this happened, afterward, I actually got a real, unqualified apology from the wife for starting the argument. I am not going to pretend that this happens nearly as often as sex before resolution of argument does, but it was pretty awesome so had to mention. :D

Isaac Bickerstaff -
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Wait, are you saying that you can get in an argument, have it unsettled and still have sex?  What kind of backwards world do you live in?


Or do I live in, this is a zero sum option for when my girl and I fight. 

Pretty much. My wife ain't going anywhere near my dick until we stop fighting.  The gates are shut until a peace plan can be negotiated. 

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