Waiting for shrooms to hit.

Consumed about half hour ago. Starting Point Break. Hmmm. Phone Post 3.0

You should start to feel sick right about now. Mmmmm food poisoning Phone Post 3.0

Got SOmE trips not sure if they are legit might try one soon

I always start smiling my ass off at first Phone Post 3.0

Starting to feel sick, so there's that. Phone Post 3.0

Utah is learning to surf. Phone Post 3.0

You lucky bastard Phone Post 3.0

I'm jealous as fuck right now.

I have the perfect movie for shrooming, it's called "wave twisters" Phone Post 3.0


Good night sweet prince... Phone Post 3.0

Funnest times in my early 20's... Wouldn't do now but I recommend everyone to try once. Phone Post 3.0

MDF tm - What if u took a non drowsy stomach sickness pill before the shroom? Would help with the initial sick feel? Phone Post 3.0
Doubtful, your body is rejecting a soft poison. After puking the fun really begins anyhow, personally never minded it.

Oh, hi Barry Phone Post 3.0

The nausea I got the only time I did them at 16 deterred me from ever wanting to touch them again. Didn't like that mix with the tripping at all. Phone Post 3.0

Anddd LIFT OFFFFF I did those in Thailand and fuckin spent the whole day trying to get back to my island and sitting on a ferry port WAS NOT FUN Phone Post 3.0