Waiting for UFC to bring back 155s

Great weight class. Would also like to see it come back.

Sherk @ 155 would be really,really tough to beat.

Unfortunatley as the weight classes get smaller so does the pay.

There are SO many talented fighters at that weight class,I'd love to see it come back.

You can wait in one hand and crap in the other and see which one gets filled up first becuase this weight class ain't coming back to the UFC any time soon or ever.

With monthly cards on Spike, plus five or six ppv's scheduled for next year, it's certainly possible that they'll bring back the lightweights.

Bring 'em back!!!

"And that is exactly the problem. The UFC is so damn cheap they may just pay some LW fighters $500 to show $500 to win. Fuck that! Stick with Pride Bushido if you're a lightweight IMO. No need to get raped by the UFC just because Dana has a hard-on for big fat slobs."

Hooray for rampant idiotic speculation. Oh, and big guys get paid more everywhere, not just the UFC. Pride and K-1 work exactly the same.

the ufc HAD the best lightweights in the world, and then they shut down the division. Nice job, suckas!

Yves Edwards

Hermes Franca

Jens Pulver

BJ Penn

Josh Thompson

Genki Sudo

Duane Ludwig

the only LWs they needed to get were Shaolin, Gomi and Kawajiri ... but they opted to close the shop, and begin recruiting huge, slow clumsy heavyweights like Sean Gannon ...

This has got to happen. The talent at 155 is unbelievable. The best fights from last year were at Pride Bishido tournament.

Not only that, but many guys fighting at 170 right now, are much better suited for 155.

I am confident the UFC will make this happen, before long. They are doing many great things right now, and this will be one more great thing they do.

Gurgel Vs Pulver!!!

I agree. There are alot of the welter weights that could easily make it into the light weights. Added to that it really is the best weight class to watch really good fights.

I understand that there has always seem to have been some sort of an issue with the title holders, but so what??? I mean that weight class is really deep with talent stateside and abroad. I just think the UFC could just keep pumping in new guys that most of us have never heard of and the division would keep going on. Granted, that the new guys are decent fighters.

I don't know if the average fan is just not into the 155 class because the guys are not as big as other fighters or what. On the flip side real fans. The ones who actually pay for their PPV probably do really enjoy watching the Lightweights bouts. As for the pay isssus...I don't know shit. That's not my business. I'm a fan and an amature so I pay to see good fights. Preferably ones with guys my size scrapping in the ring.

kenflo told me it was comin to a home near you soon.

i got my popcorn ready to watch some of the best fights in the world.

Are the same people who want Bushido to have a monopoly on the lightweights because Pride pays better the same people who want competition against the UFC in North America so that the UFC will increase pay?

So which is it? Do you want a monopoly or not? Is competition good for the fighters and fighter purses or not?

I'd like to see a season of TUF devoted to the 155 weight class. Get about 20 good guys, from all over the world, not just North Amaerica and you just built up the division again.

LW's in 2006 UFC is on my christmas list for sure.

Promoter, any thruth to the rumor that Sylvia is cutting down to 155?

I've heard Rush has him walking around at 183 already. Amazing!

Add Handsome Matt Wiman to that mix as well!!!

i think gilbert melendez could beat just about any of the fighters mentioned on this thread.

ttt bring em back !!!

SAM STOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!