Wal-Mart Experience

As some who know me know i work at a wal-mart in Pa. Well today about three hours ago we spotted some bad guys. Well we went to stop them at the door and we got one and the other left on foot. I chased this person what seemed like fifteent minutes and finally caught up to him.

He was talking to me and i told him to stop running with my hands up in the air. I told him to relax lay on the ground and everything would be cool. Well he shoved me once and i told him not to touch me again. This time he shoved and acted as he was going to hit me. So this time i clinched with him and hit a lateral drop. Right when we hit i went to mount underhooking both his arms and pinning my head to his against his to poke my eyes or headbutt me. After that we pinned him and handcuffed him. The rest is in process so much i can say.

When this all happened all my training for mma events and grappling tourments helped. I kept my cool and didn't step over any boundries and we both walked away unharmed.

The joys at Wally World continues....

Later, Brad

Brad, can you see if Wal-Mart in Canada will start carrying more of the old UCC dvds? Thanx man!

I think he's fullofbs.


I help lose prevention when there is more then one person that way he doesn't get jumped. In this case there we 5 bad men.

You're lucky you didn't get killed by that kid's gang at the end of that long run. Where in your job description does it say you are supposed to chase after "bad guys" and subdue them?

And what does "bad guys" mean? Did they get caught stealing something?

There is about 7 to 8 thousnad dollars worth of stuff stolen from Wally World each day. All of that is taken from my bonus check if not retrieved so we can claim it. If someone stole money from your pocket would you laugh at them and allow them to go free?

Dougie wal-mart where carrying KOTC 1 and 2 and KOTC 3 and 4 on two discs. Each set costing 5.50

Walmart loses more to employee theft than shoplifters.

85% of Wal-Mart retail theft is employee

I'd say about 75% of the people we catch are white middle aged and the other 25% is spread through age and race

Employee theft is higher than shoplifting theft at most other stores also.

Gary Hughes

most stores lose more to employee theft than anything

Many retail stores won't follow up on shop lifting unless it's employee. Most LP must know what you have and can't approach you until you leave the doors.


A friend of mine lived in France for a couple of years. He said that arabs there were hostile toward white people, especially white people from the United States. He said that smaller arab teenagers would steal someone's wallet and if that person chased them, they would turn a corner and there would be 8-10 larger arab guys waiting to beat the shit out of him for chasing the kid.

I realize that walmart isn't in France, but the possibility of something like that happening still exists.

I wouldn't care how large the bonus check would be...I wouldn't chase a shoplifter off the premises. Aside from the legal repercussions, it just doesn't make any sense to take that risk just for a job that probably doesn't pay all that well, even with the bonus check.

If you want to make money so badly, then learn a trade. Don't work at Walmart.

I have a degree in computer sciences and work at wal-mart because it's flexible hours to train and compete whenever i want. My bonus check if everything goes right is around $850 dollars which to most people isn't alot but my girlfriend is from Budapest Hungary and thought i could use it as a Christmas gift to send her to see her parents.

There where six other people besides me chasing him i just got there first and had first contact. Plus we where in our legal premises to catch him and his other friends where already subdued. I understand where you are coming from but i was nmore worried about a weapon then multiple attackers. And we where and open place with many witnesses and it was just me and him whn i caught up to him.

Later, Brad

fullofbs...as far as his other friends being already subdued, don't forget he could have still other friends as back up waiting to ambush you.

I'm glad your training worked well for you.

Gary Hughes

lol if i was making this up i'd atleast say i did more then throw him and mount him.

"Many retail stores won't follow up on shop lifting unless it's employee. Most LP must know what you have and can't approach you until you leave the doors. "

So if LP sees me put some dvds into my backpack, they cant say anything until I try to leave?

I guess this is to prevent people from saying "I just didnt want to carry it, I was going to pay at the counter"

That is correct. Because you could stop infront of the door and say "I was going to pay for that" and we're screwed.

Those people are people greeters. LP are people who wear normal street clothes.

I already have the KOTC dvds. I need the UCC/TKO dvds. (www.tkozone.tv) I have number 6 and 7. Tell Wal-Mart I want the rest. I know you have pull there. Thanx.


its honest work you dont need to explain anything to us. keep us updated i like these funny little stories.