walk around at ??? to make 155

how much is too much to weigh to make 155 ?? for arguments sake lets say u have 6% bodyfat ive heard hughes cuts 30 lbs to make 170

If you are at 6% bodyfat, you don't really have much fat to lose, so it's all water at that point. Based on my experience, you could walk around at 165lb and make 155lb, especially if it's a day before weigh-in.

- Kyle

Chris Brennan was 200+ and got down to 155 didn't he?

Practice cutting weight and training a day after you make your weight - I've read that a small percentage weight loss due to dehydration can lead to a large percentage stregnth and endurance loss.

I use to loose 5 pounds of water during a 2 hour university basketball practice and bounce back the next day. I was out of basketball for years and cut about 5 pounds to make the weight for a tourney - I was weak as a kitten and my endurance was for shit.

Try it out for a few practices before going to a tourney.

whats the most water weight u can lose in a day?

they weigh boxers officially the day before the fight, and unofficially the night of the fight. I've seen guys who fight at 142 gain back over 20lbs between the weigh in and the fight.

"whats the most water weight u can lose in a day?"

To echo what JHornbuckle said, i too have seen fighters gain 20+ lbs before the actual fight. i.e.- James Tony v Roy Jones, Tony gained at least 20lbs and many thought it contributed to his lack luster performance.