Walking Dead: Zombie Type List (TV)

Can we keep track of the different kinds of Zombies in Walking Dead? So far I got:
Regular Zombie: Slow, making noises, stupid, weak. Well... a zombie.
Cheesecake Zombie: You can as little as look at them, and their limbs fall off, or their heads cave in like an  old hollow pumpkin. Most recent appearance was in the last show, when Noah perforated a cheesecake Zombie's head with a model plane. Usually they are not weaker than any other zombie while an attack takes places until right that moment when they get killed effortlessly by one strike.
Ninja Zombie: Oh we all love this guy. All other Zombies seem to growl and groan while walking around, dragging their feet in the bushes or over concrete, clearly not being able to avoid any kind of noise making. The only thing  missing is them saying out loud: "Brains!". But not the Zombie Ninja. He appears right on top of people. Yes, maybe he'll groan as well, but when he does, the victim never can tell where its coming from. Take Gabriel the Pastor for example. He's in the woods, hearing the groans, all there is is open space with some tree trunks (leaves on the floor, meaning clear sight and alot of noise when you drag your feet). He is in total panic. Where is it coming from? Oh, a real Ninja just might be able to cleverly hide behind a tree, and not move, to stay hidden, but not a zombie, who without thought but pure instinct, always moves towards the noise it hears. Again, not so Ninja Zombie! he manages to materialise right next to a fully alert Gabriel, or in another episode, right behind Lizzie and Mika, the two young girls. We don't know yet if the Ninja Zombie does dis via invisibility powers or via teleportation.
Superzombie: Decayed muscles and ligaments, brittle bones and driven by instinct... but more powerful than a strong human being. Big appearance also in the last show, where a superzombie pinned a - granted an injured Tyrese - to a wall like a prison bitch in the showers. Yes, Tyrese was injured and losing blood, but he was fully pumped up still by his Noah lecture about never giving up, and has more blood in his Kimbo Class Body than angry Rick has in his balls. Plus, the blood loss was not bad yet - but Superzombie would see to it, that it would get VERY bad soon. So the odds were more than even, and melee-Zombie-massmurdering-Tyrese was struggling like a little girl to get free and could not. Superzombie has superstrength.
(Delayed) Claymore Zombie: This guy, while every other zombie after turning seems to get up and walk around aimlessly, or at least starts moving when there is any type of sound (which is why survivors knock on doors and listen for zombie movement), for some reason does not move at all. The only purpose seems to lure survivors close to them. Also, although they don't need eyes to see (you can't tell me that some of them shown, still have their eyes, nerves and brains working to actually make them "see"), the Claymore Zombie keeps his eyes closed. You know, sleeping. And  no matter after how many adventures, survivors will still get close, without poking it or anything. At that moment the clamore zombie is activated, but does NOT trigger yet. No, it'll trigger when the survivor doesnt pay attention, looks or walks away. At that moment the claymore zombie will silently get up, and either teleport or ninja behind the victim, also as seen in the last episode where Tyrese got bitten.
what zombie types did I forget?

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Can't forget the worst one, the wandering into the wrong forum zombie.

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Leben Zombie imo. Phone Post 3.0

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crawler/grabber zombies - Zeds with no legs that pull themselves along by their arms, hide under cars & bushes, and grab you as you walk by.