Walking Dead

I know you jest, but FTWD latest early access episode is a gut wrencher.

I’m still watching but like someone else already said, it’s just because I feel the need to see it through. This season is just really fucking awful. My wife and I watch about an hour or so of TV every night before bed. We’ve pretty much run out of stuff to watch. Nothing new is good. When something new comes out, it gets cancelled pretty quick, most likely because it’s not liberal enough. We watched an episode of TWD the other night and went to bed angry because we just watched an entire episode about carol trying to catch a rat (which she failed at), and Darryl fixing his motorcycle in the woods. That was the entire episode. It’s fucking lazy and insulting that they put this shit out there when the show used to be so good.
And holy shit, we watched that teenage walking dead show too. That could easily be one of the worst TV shows of all time. A fat black teenage girl and her friends walk from Chicago to somewhere in NY. Listen, kids wouldn’t be fat in the world of TWD.
I’ll still watch TWD until its done and I’m hanging in with FTWD too. It all sucks now but wtf else is there to watch?