Walking / Talking In Your Sleep

For the last week or so I've been going absolutely insane in my sleep. Demonic possession type stuff. According to my girlfriend I'll be dead asleep and either sit up suddenly or jump out of bed and start rambling about nonsense. It's been happening every night and I wake up with no recollection except for vaguely feeling like I didn't sleep well. Examples;

Last night I jumped out of bed instantly, looked around our dark room, pointed at the dog and shouted 'DON'T LET HIM BECOME 16 AND PREGNANT!'.

Couple nights ago sat up in bed instantly with a giant Joker grin on my face and supposedly sat that way for 5 minutes before falling back asleep.

Again jumped entirely out of bed the other night and said '.... Do we have to sneak?....' My girlfriend asked what I was talking about and I shout/whispered 'SNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAK.........' And fell back asleep.

Anyone at all familiar with this? It freaked her out at first but now she just finds it funny and tries to get me back in bed. Honestly it worries the hell out of me. It's scary knowing I'm doing things that I have no recollection of or control over. I'd like to put a stop to it before I turn into a werewolf or whatever endgame is here.

It can take me a while to transition from the dream world to the waking world. It's not unusual for me to ask my wife an absurd question related to something I've just drempt after having seemingly been wide awake for a full couple of minutes.
It's naturally occurring, not an after-effect of some over-indulgence or experimentation. This makes it a difficult behavior to regulate, which I'm trying to do since my wife has made it known to me on more than one occasion that she finds it far more unsettling than humorous. But this morning, I'm happy to report the first sign of progress...
In last night's dream, there was a frog. When I awakened, the frog was still there. I was just awake enough to register that a human's bedroom was no place for a frog & came incredibly close to asking my wife, "What's the deal with that frog?". Something stopped me, so I may be on my way to having it licked (the behavior, not the frog).
Just a "for what it's worth". I must go now, as I am supposed to meet my old little league coach at the Eiffel Tower...huh?...Hey, look! A computer!

There are great apps that you can throw on your phone to capture audio. I had one called sleep talk recorder I think. It would go all night and register spikes in volume. Instead of 8hr recordings they seperate into chunks you could save and name. It is weird and hilarious to hear yourself. Phone Post 3.0

I used to sleepwalk. I don't think I do it much anymore but it used to scare the shit out of my mom. lol Phone Post 3.0