wallid/ryan matchup...

this beef goes back years and these two have never fought(at least not in the ring)

the animosity between these two is great

when are these guys going to actually fight in the ring?

also someone needs to post those hilarious wallid interviews!

"he is cock...faggot..." -wallid

btw, I think wallid would fuck ryan up

ttt for a long awaited matchup!

Wallid gullitoned Ryan on the street, or so I hear.Wallid was a Carlson Gracie student and I think there is bad blood all over the place with this group of guys. Would have to talk to a Gracie for the real story.

It would be an intence fight but I doupt it will happen.

That would be a great fight based on the legitimate bad blood between these two guys. That would be great for the sport!

well, pretty much everyone left carlson...except wallid...he is the loyal bulldog to carlson, so to speak

but from what I have read wallid hates the gracies a lot because of what rorian did(regarding trademarking the name, talkin smack on carlson, etc). wallid wants to take the the gracies out one by one.

but ryan and he have the biggest beef. in his words "ryan is cheekin he is cock"

I would just love to see this fight because there is sooo much animosity between the two, and wallid is a funny fucker.

oh yeah, and wallid did guillotine ryan in a bar, but ryan was way drunk, I hear.

I think he also beat him once before

also, there was a video clip of wallid and ryan gettin into it at some event.

Wallid is as tough as they come.

Wallid also choked Royce out in a Sport BJJ match. Maby he and Royce could fight in Pride.

yeah, I actually got that one on tape...clock choked him in five minutes...he schooled royce

but of course, mma is a different beast...ask royler

Yes. Royce is better in MMA than sport BJJ. With Ishmail it mat be the other way around.

If anyone has clip of Royce - Wallid that would be cool. Unfortunatly I never saw that one.

LOL at Ryan backing out of a fight with Wallid!! Not hardly. Someone needs to post the entire story. It's been discussed here a couple hundred times.


"Would have to talk to a Gracie for the real story."

Yeah you'd get nothing but the unbiased truth.


This is a fight that needs to happen.

"he is cock...faggot..."

"ryan is cheekin he is cock"


Okay, Okay!!!

Where do these classic Wallid quotes come from? I've been seeing people cite them for years now but have never heard them. Everyone seems to have their own interpretation of them so I'm guessing they're from an audio/ video interview.

Let me in on this long-standing joke.

Wallid isn't with CArlson, and he got kicked out like everyone else

google search for "wallid interview"

the first page has a link to the ryan interview


there is the interview


lol I just listened to it again

he says "cock coward faggot" about ryan about a hundred times lol