Walt Bayless Black Belt Mike Colby

hey guys,
Just wanted to post a video of a well known
no-gi black belt named Mike Colby who has been
teaching at Team Fusion Academy in SLC, utah.

Mike is a black belt under Walt Bayless.
Walt was an innovative submission wrestler
in the 90's who used to train alot with
Mark Schultz and Dave Beneteau.

Sorry about the background noise but at least
it's in HD:)
Enjoy, Count Koma


Thanks for posting that; I have always been a little curious about the "Walt Bayless Black Belts"; what they teach, how it's different, etc.

Do you train at that school...?

hi shen,
thanks for your reply yeah, i train at fusion. i am the head instructor there. although, i am not a walt bayless black belt, they have a unique approach as
they incorporated alot of wrestling moves into their jiu jitsu. so, it is cool
to always see different perspectives and different approaches.

Most of the walt bayless black belts as far as i know, live in utah. I havent seen walt bayless for years
but i know he still teaches a small group of guys and still trains.

hope that answers your question.

Great stuff!

I've been always a little curious about no-gi blackbelts... where do they keep their belts?

if you feel the Gi is old and not of value any more why even have a belt system

NECKCRANK808 - if you feel the Gi is old and not of value any more why even have a belt system

the gi is not "old and not of value", but rather it is not of value when preparing for no-gi jiu-jitsu competition and/or mma.

a belt rewarded by a no-gi instructor such as dave terrell, chris brennan, walt bayless, baret yoshida, eddie bravo, etc., is the equivalent of a "certificate of achievement", rather than something that holds your gi top/jacket.  

Great move by the baby at the end!

but seriously, nice pressure stuff.

I remember some walt bayless fighter dominating in KOTC and Gladiator Challenge back in the day.

Isn't Jeremy Horn from that lineage?

Daniël / CGJJ holland

How come boxing and wrestling get along so well without these "certificates of achievement"

...oh wait... these sports are not trying to cater to combat-athlete wannabees who need external gratification outside the fun and challenge that the sport offers.

I never wanted to train no gi.
Then when i moved to northern virginia
i would go to takedown nights with
John Curtis.

Johnny stomped me bad and anytime i trained with him he just tooled me from the takedown perspective. dont get in his cross body.
so, I decided the complete grappler would train with/without the gi when i moved back to slc. we have no gi classes
once a week, but i personally believe you have to train both.

Anyway, i agree with enemymaker and neckcrank808, you have to have gi and no-gi. not that both of you were saying that but you both seem to favor the gi or no gi.

another unusual thing at our school was when we started doing the no gi classes we had 4 or 5 guys attending.
now, it is fifteen or twenty, so it is exciting to see guys train in both environment.

anyway, that is my personal opinion.
as far as jeremy horn, yes, he trained under walt bayless via a guy named griffin reynaud who is also a black belt
under walt. in fact, jeremy horn still has his school here in the slc area.

Cool!!! I always wondered who trained Jeremy Horn and what his background was!

jjk, i didnt mean to say that griffin was jeremys first instructor.
it was my understanding that jeremy was
largely self taught. And when he moved out here he
trained at walt bayless' school.

i never trained with jeremy and was never a student
at walts, so i really dont know what his level was.

i know he trained there for a couple of years with alot
of walt bayless guys.
but i dont want to make it sound like griffin was jeremys
teacher or only instructor cause I really dont know.

I personally train both gi and no-gi however there have been some that have said that the GI is old and useless but continue to give a belt ranking. If the Gi is useless then so is the belt IMO but they give a belt so that they can make more money. People generally don't like to train for nothing.

no-gi=no belt

Is that you Eddie?

Just out of curiosity, aside from Fusion, are there other Gyms (I'm assuming in UT) that are taught by "Walt Bayless Style" Blackbelts...?

Also, do they have any sort of informal or formal association, or do they all pretty much do their own thing?


I remember reading something about Walt, that he stopped teaching for a while to pursue his painting career.

Horn is indeed self taught, which is even more impressive.

The walt bayless fighters f*cking MURDERED people in KOTC, very methodical positional dominance to submission.

Very similar to 'casca grossa style' of bjj that I know - and love - from the Carlson lineage.

One dude I talk to on another site is a black belt under Walt. The does a lot of straight up judo, with gi.

Daniël / CGJJ holland

Walt Bayless Black Belt, Mike Colby By Team Fusion Academy
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Thats a good question Shen and something I've always wondered. The Walt Bayless/Pedro Sauer rivalry was the first grappling rivalry in Utah, as far as I know. Bayless guys would show up every now and then to "test their skills."

Some of them were very good, some not so much. The thing that always got us upset was that Walt black belts would have a tough time with the tough Pedro blue belts. But some of those guys were tough as fuck and technical too. Ben Call was winning his division at grapplers quest a couple of years in a row.

And Mike Colby was a legit, tough, technical grappler even back in 95. I remember, when he beat me up when I was 15 years old. Some of the tough guys at my school saw this, went at him and had a tough time themselves. So I can only imagine how good he is now. But, I never hear about them having their own schools, so I would like to know as well.

^Agreed! Plus couldn't meet a nicer genuine guy than Eddie!

hey shen,
as far as the walt guys are concerned,
i dont know if they really stay in
touch or not. walt bayless, from my
understanding still teaches and trains,
but he doesnt have formal classes open to anyone.

griffin reynaud and james saccamano,
who were both heading the walt bayless academy
in slc, moved down to Throwdown gym in
orem utah and now teach classes down there.

But, as i said, i was never a student under them,
so i dont really know what all of them are doing.

Mike Colby, is without question very technical and uniquely,
he has a very basic driven game. that guy has nightmare no-gi skills!
I dont ever see Jeremy Horn although I do see Griff (Griffin Reynaud)
and I always talk to him for a bit when we
go to no-gi competitions down at Throwdown Gym.

utah, believe it or not, has an incredible group of
phenomenal no gi guys, no kidding. Again,
I dont train exclusively no gi, but have trained
with a lot of guys and we have some very, very technical,
innovative guys.

hey man, what is going on and how is thailand.
I miss some of your detailed pointers on the X-Guard.
Wow man, when you going to get pedro to come out
there for a seminar.
keep in touch brother and congratulations on your little boy!