Walt Bayless tell me about

Please tell me about his guy, everything you cant think, is he legit and if so why? thanks in advance

TTT . I'd like to hear about this too.

thank you very much clay, i Appreciate it.

I 2nd that.
Have heard good things from students.
Seems like a cool guy.

anything from instructors about him , not just HIS students ?

I sponsered a seminar with one of his students Justin Ellison. Justin was a great grappler and a great teacher (as well as a very nice guy). If you judge a teacher by his students he must be good.

Wasn't Horn training with him? That should speak for itself.

He is my instructors grappling teacher, from what i am told he is amazing.

His student, Justin Ellison, put out some great leglock tapes, with a very good seminar tape included; and I've read that Bayless toys with Justin and the others (I think it was Justin or his teamates who posted this). Justin and the other Bayless guys do well in competition, so Bayless must be teaching something legit. Schultz did endorse bayless publicly.

It seems like every 9 months or so a Walt Bayless thread comes up. I wonder if it's archived anywhere. There are a lot of things written about him on this forum and it's almost always entirely positive.