Walter Payton and the Hill

I remember marveling at Walter Payton and that hill regimen as a kid

The toughest Running back in history.  While being Much smaller then many of the bigger power backs. 

Cool video, I had never seen it before 

I know that hill. I do it a few times with 200 pounds of sand on my back. Just to start the day.

-The OG

Walter was awesome, baddest man on the field. Still kept a sweet disposition. Wonder if he was like that even while playing? "That was a beautiful tackle. You wrapped me up like a loving Christmas gift. You better not put a bow on me, you rascal!"

Lot of guys said Walter had the strongest hands of anyone they’d met, & he was famous for goosing people. Come up behind and pinch there ass so hard they’d scream, have a bruise. There is even a clip of him getting a ref during a game lol. If Ditka says your the toughest & best football player that’s ever lived, it counts for something that’s for sure...

Just looking at him, he was built different, his legs were so thick and his body fat so low, just a freak. He was Herschel walker before Herschel walker and he was smaller but more of a freak imo 


That video was awesome - thanks for posting, OP!!

Oh - and whoever is responsible for turning the Hill into a fucking golf course needs to have the everliving shit kicked out of him.