walther ppk ?

I'm sure this has been discussed here before but if
you can help me out, I'd appreciate it. What are
your opinions on the Walther PPK? As a concealed
carry gun? As a home defense gun? With the
crimson trace laser sight? Thanks.

Personally, if you like the size I would go with something like a Kahr 9mm and up. Off the record, I have heard that they are not very reliable... maybe that's why Bond switched to a P99? ;)

Often times a gun for concealed carry isn't great for home defence and vice versa. People often will choose two different handguns for these roles. If they have one for both, they usually compromise in one area. Good examples of a "both" category are compact Glocks (not subcompact), SIGs and HKs (throw the P99 and other good ones in here). While they significantly larger than PPKs, they still have enough grip and oomph for home defense.

Just some thoughts... you might want to check out the archives of thefiringline.com and search for "PPK"


Awesome. Thanks for the info. I had no idea about
the PPK's reliability issues. I'll definitely check out
the Sig, HK, Glock, and P99. Thanks again.

Overpriced. I'd go with the Kahr like krept says or a chief's special, Kimber's Ultra Carry, H&K USP Compact (!!!), sub-compact Glock, snubby/Detective's Special revolver or one of the little Beretta Tomcats if you just want something small.

I'm a huge Bond fand and want no parts of the PPK. I like the P99, but would go with the USP over it any day. It's like the Desert Eagle. Great for collector's value, but I wouldn't carry it as a duty piece at all.

Also, the PPK and all the PPk clones have a decocker lever, not a safty. The gun is double action, so you could just ride the hammer down for the greater trigger pull, but if the weapon is dropped, it can fire unless its decocked.

To disengage the decoker is a push up, not down like most saftys, so when you draw in an emergency, its not very efficient.

I own a clone, but dont carry it. but I want to buy a PPK just because of the Bond thing, and a P99 for the same reason.

When Flemming first wrote the Bond books, that ws a good spy gun, small and concealable, and the writer had no knowledge of guns.

Its a good gun, good quality but not the best bet for a self defense gun.