Wand dominate on ground?

where do you nut huggers get this stuff? he had the mount and just laid on top of Hunt for like 2 minutes without throwing any punches. How many clean punches did Wand land? 3 maybe 4? And you people say he dominated on the ground? Wand was rocked from pillar to post and you guys want Pride to give him a gift decision? Props to Wand for not getting KTFO, but seeing him on queer street was a rare site. And as far as the takedowns go, sure he took Hunt down, but he did absolutely no damage when he got him there. Hunt deserved the decision!


Awesome fight - it was nice to see Hunt get the 'W'....

I agree with djmas. I was rooting very hard for Silva, but didn't think he won the fight.

In the 2nd and 3rd rounds, when Silva was on top of Hunt - and even had him mounted several times - he really did very little to capitalize on the position. I kept yelling at him to throw some strikes, go for an armbar, do ANYTHING...but he mostly just laid there.

I don't understand why people think he should be given a decision for putting on a takedown clinic when he got absolutely rocked earlier in the fight, and took some serious damage a number of other times. I don't recall him doing serious damage to Hunt. I think he connected with some good standing punches, maybe a few on the ground, and those elbow strikes to Hunt's body while he was in guard. But that's about it.

I don't think you win a fight with takedowns either. I mean this isn't Abu Dhabi is it? I thought it was MMA?? Am I wrong? Silva had his chances, but he was too stunned and tired to try and capitolize. He thought he could stand and trade with Hunt and he paid the price. Now I still think Wand is the best 205 pounder in the world, but saying he won the fight cause of the numerous takedowns is just absurd. If that is how you win the fight, then Tito, Randy, and a handful of others would get an easy decision over Wand.

my 2 pennies, take it for what they are worth

how do you think a match with Yoshida and Hunt would go now?

If there was nothing else to go on, I can understand giving the decision to the guy who gets the takedowns and controls his opponent on the ground, which Silva did for the most part. But there was quite a bit else to go on, and most of it weighed in Hunt's favor. He blew Silva out of the water on the critical criterion of "damaging your opponent," which is by far the most important criterion for deciding a fight.

I think Hunt has improved quite a bit from his fight with Yoshida, though I was impressed with him then too. But Gardner beat Yoshida because he could prevent the fight from going to the ground, so I still think their styles don't match up well for Hunt, who was taken down a lot by Silva. I think Yoshida would capitalize more than Silva did after getting a takedown.