Wand fighting in May

At UFC 84.  Opponent tbd. 

I say give him a fight that will put him immediately back into contention:  Jardine.

I think Wand ko's Jardine.

bonnar is busy

Probably Jardine; I hope so they both love to stand and bang!

TBD has had a ton of fights lined up in the past only to back out 4-6 weeks before the fight. My guess is he backs out of this fight with Wand too.

Have him fight a nobody, show fans that he doesn't suck that bad. I'm tired of UFC noobs laughing at Shogun, Crocop, and Wand. Even if they're not top 5 anymore, all we've seen is them lose to top fighters. That's a bad impression.

I don't think WAND wants any "cans" so it'll be interesting if we hear the UFC giving him an easy win.

enough of this shit already. MMA finally needs the long awaited showdown between TBD and TBA.

lol nice...

Jardine just beat Chuck, who just beat Vanderlei, so why should Jardine have to fight Vanderlei?

"Jardine just beat Chuck, who just beat Vanderlei, so why should Jardine have to fight Vanderlei?"

Maybe cause he got KO'ed by Alexander.

"Maybe cause he got KO'ed by Alexander."

Still no reason for him to be fighting Vanderlei. Vanderlei is pretty far down the LHW ladder at this point, whereas Jardine is probably one fight away from a title shot.

"I think Sick Dog needs to stay active, is he available for this fight?"


I'm usually NOT a fan of "exposure" fights, but I love Wand and I think he deserves one.  His last 3 fights were CroCop at HW, Hendo, and Liddell.

He's proven he'll fight anybody and an impressive, spotlight win will help the mainstream audience realize what a killer he is.


Houston alexander would be the best choice for the fans. That might be more exciting than chuck/wand

sounds nuts, but i like the rashad idea

I'd like to see Wand/Alexander, actually.

Only stipulation is... they can only fight in the clinch.

wand vs luis "banha" cane! please make it happen, blaf!!!

Alexander/Wandy is an excellent idea, but Houston is fighting in April. Maybe if he put his opponent away quickly they could work this out. After all, Sakara is fighting in early March after just fighting in mid Jan.

Either way, Jardine and H. Alexander are good potential match ups for the Axe Murderer.

Jardine v. Wandy makes sense for Jardine--he has won a couple big fights, so feeding him a lower ranked guy to keep busy before getting a title shot would be wise.

It doesn't make a lot of sense for Wanderlei to be fighting such a top guy after three losses in a row, unless the UFC is really committed to a "sink or swim" policy with Wanderlei. (Which wouldn't make sense because his style would make him a huge fan favorite in the UFC, if given a chance.)