Wand gets US citizenship, wants to help Brazil

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                                Wand gets US citizenship, wants to help Brazil

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                    <p>MMA legend Wanderlei Silva ran into a TMZ stringer at LAX, and announced he had received his US citizenship papers. He further sung the praises of the USA, and directed anger towards Brazil&#39;s unpopular, embattled 36th president&nbsp;Dilma Rousseff.</p>

"Today, I got my citizenship," said Wand. "Today I'm so glad, to be part of this big country. This country opens the heart for the serious guys, for the guys who want to work. I do it because here is a free country. We can do what we want. We don't need to explain everything. 

"It's good. It's freedom. Everybody can have the great things that America can do. I'm so glad to do that.

"Now I fight for my country. I'm back to Brazil to fight for my country. We just take off the president, right now. Because the people can't accept what has happened over there. No.

"Now, I am trying to go to New York, to talk with the UN. Because our president comes to say 'Hey, this [what did the Wand say]. No. We are people. We are right. She steal a lot of money from us. A lot of corruption. These guys don't care about us. About nothing. No health insurance for nobody. A lotta lotta lotta guys lost their job. 

"Here, the best thing you guys have, you know what - the law is for everyone. To the rich or the poor. The rich guy doing [something wrong] he's going to the jail. In Brazil we start to do that. But here is better. 

"I want to take this, what you guys have, to Brazil. ... I fight for the people." 

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Hopefully things get better in Brazil Phone Post 3.0

Lol..Because if there is one thing I would say about America, it would be, "Boy, we really have our shit together." Phone Post 3.0

Trump will ship him back when he wins. Just last week Trump bumped into Wandy at the rub n tug; great guy, beautiful family. Trump loves old fighters, but Brazil is LAUGHING at us right now, taking their old fighters! We need bigger gyms, better trainers, and a whole new crop of young killers. We need to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Phone Post 3.0

Wandy, Brazil needs what the USA needs.  A president with balls.

So he's an American now but he's going back to fight for his country. LOL.

I guess you can pledge allegiance to multiple countries but some here would say he's exactly what's wrong. Becomes an American but still aligns with the home country. Pick one or the other.

I don't care either way though.