WAND Pride GP T-shirts in the US..


these just came in and are ready to be shipped.

All orders received until midnight today will go out tomorrow, orders received after midnight will be shipped only on Saturday.

Click on the pictures to be directed to the items page on our web store!!


I see the prices say $38 each!

38 each w/shipping.............

LOL BMT........................


You guys really like taking my money........alot.......I hate you


I'm still impressed you only charge me $2 to ship to Canada......makes me wonder what exactly the other guys are doing that costs me $15+

Canario absolutely nothing, we all do the same thing and the funny thing is that we are much farther south, than anyone else and we still charge less.

All of our prices include shipping, unless you are abroad and or request overnight shipping, so go shop the others first do the math and come see us last, we know that you will buy from us.

( I just ripped off, the SHANE company radio spot LOL )

The difference is that we have our inventory here and we only sell what we have and its not comming from a warehouse ( wink ) abroad.


cool shirts

Now BONETHEDOME be kind to my rednecktefied brothers and sisters..........hell i've been here in GA so long that I have become what I used make fun of ( except I still have all my teeth )............really im a redneck / barrio texican.............

I would like to post Chuck knocking the F out of Wand.
How do I do it? Its a cartoon.

it's true. JJ was a straight up Teaxan mexicano when I met him 10 years ago and now when I talk to him I can tell he has been totally southernized. I wouldn't be suprised if he eats grits with his Carne Asade.


Very cool, but a little too cluttered. IMO

Cammo... Good shit...Grits with his Asada...

Or biscuits with his Menudo instead of tortillas

Yo JJ...Who let the dogs out? Woof!


Those are the ugliest shirts I've ever seen.


No way in hell I'd be seen in public wearing any of those.