Wand vs Leben

What do you guys think worthy of a watch? I think be a sick fight and to scrappers going at it, LUV to see it! my .02

 i think it would be a cool fight.

but i see leben winning this on account of having a better chin. still be rootin for Wand though!

of course it's a great matchup

Either a first round epic KO either way if they're going balls to the wall or Leben fights smart and uses TD and his ground game for a decision win

oh yea, FOTY written all over it

How can they not make this fight. Those two styles clashing would result in something special. It has a Wanderlei vs Chuck type of feeling to it. Total toss up fight in my opinion.

I agree guys and heard rumor of these guys maybe squaring off. Id LOVE to see it and i think def has FOTY possibility as well...
Lets see it UFC~!

Wand leben foty Phone Post

 I am down for that fight.

Only problem is who to root for.

Love them both.

no romo.

 i just picture them standing in front of each other throwin bombs untill someone drops.

Leben I would take VIA Chin

fight of the year maybe. Phone Post

 They should do this fight, Hardy vs Lytle, and Penn vs Condit all on the same card. Its be one of the most entertaining cards ever.

explodin -  Wand vs Kris McCray??????? WTF??? If this is wand next fight I will fly to where ever you are and toss your salad. You might as well have said ricky the dragon steamboat. There is a 0% chance of wand vs Kris McCray. Phone Post

 Somehow this just made me LMAO!!!!!!

I AM A MOFO - Wand destroys Leben.

Not a chance!!! Great fight though.... could be classic

DONE, UFC 132 July 2nd......