Wand vs Stann from the crowd




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DamnSevern - 

I dont know what it is...

But I get chills every time I watch Wandy come to the Ring/Cage.

The Blackout, the initial bass drop... the buildup and then all the strobes.

Even watching it on this video it happened.

That guy is electric.

lol at the usa chants after the nutshot

Domo Arigato.


Great video...

Had exactly the same reaction when Vanderlei went ballistic at the end of that 1st round.. lol awesome

It was nice to see it from that angle. Wand's stand-up has been looking crisper than it was before he resumed training with Raphael.

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Voted up BIG TIME op!!! Awesomeness through and through!!!

ttt for later

Damn that was awesome. You are the man. Voted up later brotha. Phone Post



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